The manager of the new era values his employees
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The manager of the new era values his employees

A word, a small word or even a tap on the back to show your satisfaction is always a pleasure... But did you know that at work these marks of recognition have a considerable impact on performance?

Remember that moment that we've all experienced; when someone, for whom you hold yourself in high esteem, your father, your football coach or your boss, comes up to you and, looking you in the eye, says, "What you're doing is great. I'm very proud of you. Keep it up. "Feel the joy and pride that comes over you again after those simple words. Then you are more motivated than ever to do your best.

At Twins Vision, we make managers and bosses aware that they have a key role to play with their employees. For us, valuing is a key criterion in employee motivation and performance.

In fact, it generally ranks among the top 3 criteria mentioned by employees when they are asked what motivates them at work, what makes them stay with their employer or what makes the company a good place to work. While interest in the job remains the number one criteria, and while the atmosphere with colleagues and mutual respect are also cited as the most important, recognition and appreciation come before remuneration, which is generally at best in fifth place in this ranking.

In addition, people who feel recognized and valued will have a much more positive attitude towards their work. They will be more involved, committed and ready to face an organizational change or a more complicated period.

Then, we observe that they are also more efficient, more proactive, more creative, that they will implement citizenship behaviours and that they will stay longer in the company. There is also less absenteeism.

Finally, in terms of well-being in the workplace, the studies are fairly unequivocal: when you feel recognized and valued, you have less stress, less burn-out, more satisfaction and a better work/life balance.

In conclusion, valuation has a great influence both inside and outside the company, but it is only a key to the key ring of the manager of the new era, so think about it, because as Richard Branson says so well, "Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. »


Published   14. August 2020

Nelson Sasso

Co-Founder & Consultant

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