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Aaah here you are! We've been waiting for you! Welcome to Twins Vision®.

If you are reading these words, it's because someone or something has brought you here for a reason.

Whether it's with yourself, your loved ones or your colleagues, your problems or obstacles are not there by hasard... They have a meaning. They are sending you a signal!

How can you free yourself from these weights and bring your energy back to the highest level to attract happiness, love, harmony and success?

Is it the moment to become aware of who you are and the power you have within you to transform your life and the lives of those around you?

Thanks to the Twins Vision® method, we will guide you to the answers that lie within you and together find the solutions for you, your relationships or your business to reach the New Era.

Because you have everything within you, sometimes all it takes is a simple change of vision to become aware of your power.

Why Twins Vision® ?

Because we are taking the Royal Way, the subtle path between science and consciousness. This Double Vision allows us to take you beyond your expectations.


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Why Twins Vision® ?

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Meet the Twins

Arnaud Sasso

We are arriving at a key period where awareness is needed to enter the New Era.

More about me

Nelson Sasso

It is by letting go our ego and opening up to new perspectives that we release our true potential.

More about me

Innovative vision

The world of work and the energies that compose it are being transformed toward a New Era.

Twins Vision® prepares you for it.


The Method adapts to your situation and your needs because we are all unique.

Your difference is a strength.

Double analysis

Two different professional backgrounds combined in one Vision.

Twenty years of cumulative experience at your service.

Measurable performances

We follow you and support you in your evolution until you reach your goals. 

Because you are not alone.

In 2 Minds

Twins Vision® Blog

17. Oct 2022

Seminar at the Rex

Why a seminar? So that as many souls as possible become conscious of their power and begin their transformation.

3. Nov 2021

The power of projection

Projection is a powerful tool that we love to use at Twins Vision® to generate awareness.

14. Jun 2021

My work family

When we observe the behavior and the words of people, we quickly realize that human relationships at work are often confused with family relationships.