Seminar at the Rex
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Seminar at the Rex

Back to our seminar on September 1st at the Rex de Vevey where the theme was:

2h to start your transformation.


Because feeding another point of view or another vision can literally transform a situation and the importance it is given.

Seeing life differently and from all angles allows us to take distance in order to become aware. 

Relativizing allows us to detach ourselves from our own limits and the fact of zooming out offers us a greater angle of view towards other horizons.

The aim is to try to understand why we are evolving in this way, knowing that this research is perpetual in the face of the immensity of information that our world holds.

Why this seminar?

Because at Twins Vision we care about the maximum number of souls becoming conscious of their power, as we do personally.

When you have been lucky enough to receive a teaching that transforms your life, you only want to share it.

Then we invite you to the next seminar for further discoveries and transformations!

Published   17. October 2022

Arnaud Sasso

Co-Founder & Consultant

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