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We audit and analyze for you the impact of management on employees, their motivation and their relationship to the company and group dynamics.

Getting feedback about your employees is an important and important task that takes time and can be tricky.

Thanks to our external intervention, employees can express themselves freely and anonymously, allowing us to analyze the situation in an optimal way and offer you an adapted and concrete solution.



We have developed a questionnaire allowing us to extract the relevant information necessary for management analysis.



First of all, we will send the questionnaire to your employees, who will fill it out and return it anonymously.

Then, if there are questions that need to be explored further, we intervene in person and conduct private interviews.

Finally, we will provide you with detailed feedback following the results during an interview with the manager or managers.



At your place of work or in a defined place.


HR Audit is also available with Zoom!


A common duty

Allows you to keep the group cohesive and dynamic.

A revealing tool

Through consulting you make a real and decisive situation point.

Absolute discretion

We guarantee anonymity and data protection.

A customized solution

Solutions will then be proposed for each situation.

Designed for you

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