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The human is the most challenging to manage in a company !

Especially at a time when values and the view of the professional world are changing paradigm.

We agree that the goal as an independent, manager or boss is to recruit the best profiles, to ensure that they collaborate and work perfectly together and especially to keep them within the company!

Good news, there is a very valuable resource that makes it possible to successfully generate the best team possible.

This resource is you !


You the manager, you the manager, you the boss.

It is from you that the impulse starts. You have the power to create this reality through
your person, your energy and your management.

In exchange, it requires full awareness of who you are, of
how you function and what you want, to know where you are going and how
you go.

Understand your role and your impact on your employees and how to transmit this energy that will make them want to follow you to the end of the world.

That’s why we created the Twins Vision® Method !

A unique, holistic and innovative vision to understand and manage the whole human being.

Two perspectives and career paths combined in the same vision, that of making you the leader that we will follow until the world’s cup.

The union of our energies squared, to support you and make you aware of your power.

Emotional intelligence at the service of the human and relational, to enter together in the New Era Management.


Twins Vision® Method 



So that you can directly integrate the power of the Method, we will alter the theory and practical exercises of scenario by going through these points:


What are the current changes in the professional world?

What is my personal mission as a new era manager?

What is the purpose of human relations?

Do I really know my colleagues?

How to communicate and listen to oneself and others?

How to attract and retain the best profiles?

How to set effective goals?

How to value and generate engagement?

How to crop to remotivate?


Implementing your action plan

2 solutions to access the Method:

1: Group training GroupEffect

Benefits from the Twins Vision® Method while interacting with other participants and sharing your different experiences.

The goal is that at the end of this day, you will leave with the answers to your questions and all the tools of the Method that will make you the leader that we will follow to the end of the world.

There are 3 ways to create the group:


1    I gather members of my company to strengthen our ties and evolve in the same direction.
2    I join a group of other participants and make new acquaintances to expand my network.
3    I create my own group with friends from different backgrounds and who share the same desire to learn.



1 full day together (max 10 people) including: Morning and afternoon coffee breaks + 3 course menu at noon.


1 individual follow-up over 2 months, 1h/ week for each candidate following the seminar.



We will offer you a friendly and original place, outside the usual setting for an unforgettable day. Ideally close to you or your company so that you join us in the best possible conditions.



You will receive the Diploma: New Era Manager at the end of your Twins Vision® experience.

2: Private training with the Pack7

If you want 100% tailor-made it is possible!

Thanks to the Pack7, it’s 7 sessions of 2 hours spread over 7 weeks with the Twins just for you.

We will receive you in our Jongny lounge in complete privacy and we will address the same topics contained in the Manager’s Guide.

For people living abroad, the pack is available via zoom.

We can also move to your country and concentrate the coaching on 5 days.

Travel and accommodation expenses to be added.

Your investment for the

 Twins Vision® GroupEffect

2'222 $

Targeted training

We adapt our coaching to your actual personal situation.

Informative exchanges

The advantage of the group is to be able to share each other’s experiences.

Optimized efficiency

The role plays allow a real projection and awareness.

Follow-up of your evolution

We will accompany you in the following months for real support.

Designed for you

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