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It is by changing our inner world that we revolutionize our outer world.

Today more than ever, it is essential to become aware of our potential, of who we are and above all of what we really want and personally.

Since everything is energy and wavelength, we propose you to raise your vibration with the Personal Transformation Twins Vision®, in order to attract what you want to receive while freeing yourself from blockages and limiting thoughts.

Each of us has the fundamental right to be happy, to have access to happiness, to know who we are and to affirm it.

Once the awareness has been raised inside you, it is your surroundings that will be directly impacted and will benefit from this new energy that you release.

Whether it is your family, family, and professional relationships, they will be transformed through you.

It is time to regain the sovereign being that you are.



While we have two eyes to capture images, two ears to record sounds and two nostrils to suck up scents, we only have one mouth to allow us to express everything we have stored and communicate it.

Dialogue is the key to understanding and making oneself understood. That is why we base this support on a discussion that includes an exchange of question and answer by addressing the topics YOU have chosen.

Together we can find the keys to your personal growth and success, as well as the answers to your questions.


Who I am & how the world works around me

What are my ambitions & how to set my future goals

What are my fears and blockages & how to overcome them

What are my expectations & how to communicate them

To answer your questions, we have our Method

The power of projection

Personal reflection


Setting up my plan



We propose you the Pack7 Twins Vision® which consists of 7 sessions of 2 hours each, spread over 7 weeks.

This is the best plan for a total transformation.



We receive you at home or in an outdoor place and we can also move with you.

The point is that you feel really comfortable.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, consulting is also available via teleconference.

A complete support

We find together answers to your questions and solutions to your problems

high flexibility

We go at your pace with great flexibility in monitoring.

Optimized efficiency

When you get all the attention, you move faster and more efficiently.

Monitoring your progress

We'll follow you as far as you wish.

Designed for you

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We also offer 2 other types of training. Find out which one is right for you and your company. You can register directly online.

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