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What could be better than having two just for yourself?

If you are rather exclusive and like the bespoke, the 2 to 1 is made for you, because you will then be at the center of attention for an even more personalized, efficient and interactive training.

The fact that the Nelson & Arnaud twins are both present allows them to interact alternately with you, in the role of the actor and the observer, in order to offer you a double analysis and an even more relevant feedback.

The awakening of your emotions is essential in this exercise, in order to understand and integrate the heart of the Twins Vision® Method.


Group seminar:

Whether it’s with your colleagues, friends or by joining a group alone, the advantage of this 2:10 training is to be able to benefit from the Twins Vision® method while interacting with other participants and sharing different experiences and visions.

We offer a group price for this training.


  • Take advantage of bringing together members of your company to strengthen ties and evolve in the same direction.
  • Register in a group with other participants, which will allow you to expand your network and make new acquaintances.
  • Create your own group with friends from different backgrounds.


The awakening of your emotions is essential in this exercise, in order to understand and integrate the heart of the Twins Vision® Method.

This new knowledge will make you a confident, radiant, efficient manager, able to convince and guide all those around you.



The training is composed of alternating theory and practical exercises, allowing us to answer the following questions in depth:


What are the current and future changes in the professional world ?

Why are human relationships the basis of everything ?

What is my role as a manager in the new era and what is its impact ?

Do I really know my employees ?

How do I communicate and listen myself others ?

How to set efficient objectives ?

How to value and generate commitment ?

How to reframe to remotivate ?

Setting up your action plan




The initial training takes place on 2 full days from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, including the lunch break where we will eat together for even more conviviality.

It is possible to split the training into 4 half days if desired.

We will then follow you over 3 months to support you in your evolution and the application of the Method.



At Twins Vision® we believe that for optimal interaction it is best to meet in a friendly place, isolated from all disturbances.

We will offer you several options and will obviously adapt the location according to you.

Would you prefer to train in your company’s premises? No worries, we will be happy to meet you there.



You will receive the Twins Vision® Training Participation Certificate at the end of the session.

After 3 months of follow-up, Twins Vision® will then award you the Diploma of the Manager of the New Era.


Your options:

 2  x  Full day

 7  x  2h session

 6    90' - 120' webinars


Contact us for a personalized offer!

Targeted training

We adapt our coaching to your actual personal situation.

Informative exchanges

The advantage of the group is to be able to share each other’s experiences.

Optimized efficiency

The role plays allow a real projection and awareness.

Follow-up of your evolution

We will accompany you in the following months for real support.

Designed for you

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We also offer 2 other types of training. Find out which one is right for you and your company. You can book directly online.

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