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Respect, so important but so often forgotten... I always ask this question, which is logical but often makes you meditate: how can we be respected by a person if we don't respect him/her?

Depending on our education, the universe in which we grew up and our various experiences, we will all have a different interpretation, emotion and reaction to the same situation.
Understanding that opinions, views and ideas may differ between individuals is crucial. Knowing how to listen to the other person and consider his or her point of view, even if we disagree with it, is respecting that person.

Too often we want to dictate things to others, our ideas, our way of doing things, but in the end, this is not the solution. We make people want to do the same or to follow us because we are confident and convinced personally, thus becoming a source of inspiration, because yes, in some ways respect is not imposed, it is gained.

A salesman will sell much more if he is convinced of his product and knows how to transmit this conviction. When you are at ease, happy and in harmony with yourself you release a certain energy that makes others want to feel the same thing inside them.

Always remember that beauty is in the difference. It's true! Imagine a world in which we all look the same, have the same house, the same job, the same opinions or a world where we all support the same football team...

So let us respect ourselves, respect others, respect differences because difference defines us personally and respect makes this world still stand.

Published   7. July 2020

Arnaud Sasso

Co-Founder & Consultant

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