The Redaction
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The Redaction

Fear of change means seeing change as negative and destabilizing.


On April 17, " the Centre patronal aroused controversy by calling to "avoid getting used to" the return to clean air and "a simple life". "1 The Swiss daily Le Temps took up this subject deemed polemical with the headline: "The "insidious" sentence of the bosses setting fire to the Web "Following the reactions to this message from the Centre patronal, it is possible to imagine three categories of workers:

  •  Workers who wholeheartedly hope that everything will go back to the way it was before and that the economy will get back on track, so that they can regain their rhythm and their physical and mental activity;
  • Those for whom this pandemic will simply have been a parenthesis in their daily lives and will adapt afterwards, no matter whether there are changes or not;
  • And finally, those who realized how far we had gone in our way of consuming, that our way of life was at a frenetic pace, and who were able, through this "break", to return to essential values such as taking time for oneself, one's family, and hope for change and awareness.


If your company is only made up of workers in the first or the second category, with employees only waiting for one thing: to go back to work and work overtime in order to catch up for lost time, consider yourself fortunate!

However, in view of the strong reactions to the publication of the Centre patronal, it is clear that there is a strong possibility that a large number of workers are in the last category. It is true that we will have to return to work, but under what conditions and in what state of mind? 

After these long weeks, some of us were able to rest at home, enjoy the terrace and garden, clean, file and tidy up everything we hadn't had time to do before, spend time with the family, not coming home late, angry and stressed out after a busy work day, or just take some time for ourselves and relax. For them, the return to reality may feel like coming back from vacation.

But if other people have been so outraged by the message of the Centre patronal, it is because they are aware that we have crossed certain limits and can no longer continue blindly in that direction. Whether it be economic, ecological or in terms of quality of life and work, a change is needed. The fact that the Centre patronal itself is displaying this kind of rhetoric can indeed be disturbing and create strong disagreement among some people.

Before the pandemic, the work/life balance was already shifting and tilting more towards the life side, i.e. we put more value on free time than on our work, designating it as mostly alimentary. 

Is there an important observation to make and a lesson to be learned for the improvement of the future? What are the solutions for the world of work today to be able to give a new dynamic, with positive changes, and so restore the desire to work? Would this "viral break" be a kind of obligatory stop, during which we would be given the opportunity to sit down, analyse the situation, with the aim of readjusting it and moving towards a better future?


At Twins Vision, we believe that every event is not a coincidence and leads to an instructive reflection.

Whether we like it or not, there is a paradigm shift going on right now and there needs to be a global awareness of how we do things at the present time. Generally speaking and according to testimonies, there is too much stress, too many burnouts and too much depression that can even lead to cancer and various diseases.

With tools such as collective intelligence management, productive organization, and others proposed in the Twins Vision Method, it is entirely possible to increase the commitment, motivation and performance of workers, while offering a better quality of life, a decrease in stress and its negative consequences. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this virus has left us no choice but to stop and partially suspend our economy for a moment. But it may well have opened our eyes to a new era in which change is needed, in which happiness and work can go hand in hand, and our free time - which we may have enjoyed in this confinement - will be increased. 

In conclusion, we thank and send the maximum of energy to all those people who are currently devoting themselves body and soul to saving lives. It is beautiful to see how human beings show solidarity and 200% commitment when it comes to a just and noble cause such as saving lives, no matter how tired they are or how many hours they work.

Because we will always need to rely on each other, let's take care of ourselves.


Twins Vision

1 sub-tribune of the article in Le Temps, available on

Published   1. January 1970

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